I'm testing to see if my changes make it to my site going through Dave's new Heroku server.

02/01/14; 02:12:52 PM

We just rolled out a new version of the corporate home page.

I think it's pretty nice, right up there with Toyota and Miller Brewing, our chief competitors.

Pretty soon we'll be the most valuable company in the world.

I just know we can do it.

01/30/14; 11:02:43 AM

Dave is using my site as part of the Fargo docs.

You can see it all on this page.

I think it's really cool!

01/10/14; 03:58:45 PM

I've become a real nerd, and want to be part of the GitHub community, so I'm publishing my blog there now. I'm so happy about this! Yow.

12/27/13; 12:13:03 PM

Hello. Dave asked me to try this, so what the hay!

If it worked this text will be green.

Luck of the Irish!

08/02/13; 11:36:23 AM

I want to tell you a little story...

  1. I really enjoy using Fargo.

  2. But I told my boss I'm entering all the HTML myself.

  3. Please don't tell him otherwise!

07/16/13; 08:36:42 AM

My name is Kim

I work at Bloatware.

I have a nice job.

Sports I like

  1. Skiing.

  2. Ice Hockey.

  3. Swimming.

  4. Baseball.

My favorite teams

  1. Rockies.

  2. Broncos.

  3. Nuggets.

A slogan for your consideration

When in doubt, blog.

Want to know what time it is?

Mon Mar 03 2014 18:34:13 GMT-0500 (EST)

07/16/13; 07:59:46 AM


  • My name is Kim Parker.

  • I am a senior evangelist.


  • I started at Bloatware in June.

  • I am learning the ropes.

  • Finding out where the bodies are buried.

    • Just kidding!


  • World domination!


  • What do you think?
07/16/13; 07:57:06 AM

I'm in the office and it's so quiet. Everyone took a few days off to get a whole week off, but I'm a newbie, so I don't get a holiday. I'll use this time to familiarize myself with how people work here. Most of the doors are open. Here I come!

07/01/13; 08:01:30 AM

I just got back from a get-acquainted meeting with some of my fellow BloatWarriors (that's what we call ourselves). That's me on the left, of course, and Bill Berkowitz, Mark Cellinelli, and Judy Jetson.

I wonder, as do most people meet her, I'm sure, if her parents were fans of that excellent old TV show The Jetsons? It's like we live in their future, thanks to great companies like Bloatware. Yessss!

06/25/13; 11:46:34 AM

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