I just got back from a get-acquainted meeting with some of my fellow BloatWarriors (that's what we call ourselves). That's me on the left, of course, and Bill Berkowitz, Mark Cellinelli, and Judy Jetson.

I wonder, as do most people meet her, I'm sure, if her parents were fans of that excellent old TV show The Jetsons? It's like we live in their future, thanks to great companies like Bloatware. Yessss!

06/25/13; 11:46:34 AM

I'm happy to say my new office is quite roomy and comfortable!

06/25/13; 11:43:38 AM

I was just hired to be senior product evangelist at my favorite company in the world, Bloatware. I work out of the Boulder office, which is great, because that's where I grew up and went to school.

The job also involves international travel. It's great because I'll get to go to Europe, Asia, Africa even. All those years of French in high school and college might well pay off after all.

Our products are loved the world over. I am the luckiest senior product evangelist in the world because I get to work with the best people on the best products. I'm psyched!!

I can't wait to get the mail lists and feeds organized for our users!

06/25/13; 09:42:50 AM

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By Kim Parker, Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 9:42 AM.